Top 3 Features of iPage


Today, when almost all people can afford to build a website, one should make sure that he has the right hosting plan. In terms of pricing, reliability and server performance, iPage is among the best. However, if you’re new to iPage, then you would most likely want to know the features of iPage so you can decide whether you want the offered hosting plan of this webhost or not. The following are not all the features of iPage, because we will not discuss the given features such as free domain registration, unlimited diskspace & bandwidth, etc. But, we will highlight the iPage features that serve great importance to their avid clients.


Find Ease In Creating A Website

It’s not a secret that you might not care about the features of iPage, and all you care about is one thing, and that is how easy or hard it is to create your website with this webhost. To tell you the truth, you don’t need to be a cyber wizard just to create a website nowadays, especially if you got the hosting plan of this webhost. Whether you know or don’t know how programming works, it really doesn’t matter anymore, becuase iPage offers you a very easy to use free site builder tools. In this way, with just a couple of clicks, and some drag and dropping task, you can create a professional website in just a few minutes.


iPage Directory Listing

Almost all quick guides to iPage hosting highlights the directory listing feature. But what is iPage Directory Listing? Like what the name implies, this feature will list your website on various secured online directory listings. It works like listing your site in a book where people use to find information.

Once you have completed creating your site, the next thing that you must do is to promote your website to your targeted audience. Getting a large group of regular visitors is not an easy thing to do especially if your site is just starting out, as well as if you don’t have any SEO skills yet. However, in getting the ipage directory listing feature, your site will have a greater chance to be found by your target clients whenever they search for something that is relevant to your website’s content. In this way, you can expect to an increase of regular visits, or positively, a great amount of profit.


iPage SiteLock Security

One of the best features of iPage is its SiteLock security. The online community is an open cyber space, and this is why your site can be vulnerable to cyber attacks especially if you’re site is not protected. When you opt to be hosted by iPage, you can block cyber attacks from entering your site. In this way, your site as well as your visitors/clients are secured. The good thing about this feature is the fact that it’s completely free.


Without a doubt, iPage can definitely provide an impeccable hosting service even if it only requires you to pay a very affordable price.

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